Brand Experience

Vodafone 5G Launch

The Opportunity

Engaging a team: introducing the 5G future to Vodafone staff.

In December 2019, operating under a strict NDA, Uno Loco, in collaboration with Hula, was assigned the responsibility of launching Vodafone's cutting-edge 5G network to its staff. As the pioneering company to introduce 5G in New Zealand, we were sworn to secrecy as we meticulously planned events in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Our objective was to highlight the potential and generate enthusiasm amongst staff surrounding the various technological advancements made possible by the 5G network. To showcase the strong and stable coverage across the Vodafone sites and help spread the 5G word.

Our Approach

A state-of-the-art technological showcase, incorporating Virtual Reality, Motion Tracking, and even Holograms, was organised, with our design team responsible for creating all supporting design elements. The hologram performances, including a Haka, a dance battle, and a DJ set by DJ Ari, delighted the Vodafone Staff. The launch event extended its reach beyond the physical audience through nationwide live-streaming to all Vodafone staff, while select media representatives also attended. Throughout the launch, we successfully demonstrated the capabilities of Vodafone's 5G network through a multi-camera satellite broadcast, Intranet web streaming, and captivating live performances.

The Impact

The audiences went wild! Our launch events generated an immense buzz around 5G, both internally and through media outlets, capturing the full engagement of the entire Vodafone team.

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