Brand Experience

Vodafone to One NZ Rebrand

The Opportunity

Welcome home One NZ: celebrating a transition from global to local.

In early 2023 Vodafone changed to One NZ. From global to local, from red to green, from eight letters to three. To support and power their rebrand, Uno Loco launched a colossal 131 retail and personalised business experiences along with live streams, a press conference and corporate office events.

Our Approach

Together, we curated a special day of connection, building anticipation for what’s to come. Through emerging technology, we used  Extended Reality (XR) film to create a hybrid digital New Zealand environment for the speakers. By combining real and future worlds, we took the audience on an immersive experience, celebrating the vision of what’s to come.

Each unique environment within the XR film was built on the NZ One brand story, explaining why it was changing. One NZ champs journeyed to each location, hosting the big reveal. These ambassadors powered customer conversations, answered questions, and brought theatre to the experience.

During the build up to the event, our focus was on fostering team culture and building anticipation.  We worked with the One NZ team to develop creative strategy, execute media production and experiential event management. Beyond the event, we continued to engage staff through workshops and activities, informing brand direction, purpose, products, and services.

The Impact

The entire One NZ Team witnessed the event live, and together, before it was made public to the nation. Concept stores then delivered an immersive digital activation, enabling the hero experience to be triggered and experienced live. The result was a fully informed and engaged team ready to embrace and embody the NZ One brand.

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