Brand Experience

Coke Life Launch Activation

The Opportunity

Sweetening the deal for Coca-Cola lovers – naturally

We teamed up with Coca-Cola to launch their new Coca-Cola Life to their line up of iconic drinks. The aim of this launch was to create awareness, education and understanding of Stevia & it’s benefits.

Our Approach

Our team trained an army of brand representatives that could establish clear understanding of the benefits of Coke Life. They also fueled a desire and excitement for Coke Life during the launch period, encouraged people to try it, and most importantly sparked an emotional response to the brand. Along with retail, park and other pop up locations, our team of talent took to the streets to distribute the new Coke Life. Our target was 30,000 cans in hands! Building on the office sampling campaign, the happiness truck will be popping into workplaces to surprise target market consumers who have been nominated to be surprised by their loved ones. From there the workplace received a sampling but with the addition of a more personal surprise for one lucky individual.

The Impact

Our team infiltrated offices and gave New Zealanders a chance to try this new product of the classic Coke range. Giving them the feeling of an exclusive sneak peak and bridging the gap.

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