Countdown Green is Good

The Opportunity

Championing environmental sustainability.

As a proud part of 183 communities, and an employer of 20,000 hard- working Kiwi, Uno Loco was asked to produce a two-day expo for Countdown, showcasing 80 of the country’s biggest brands and their up-and-coming products. Underpinning the event was the company’s drive towards a more sustainable business model.

Our Approach

Uno Loco teased and unpacked Green is Good whilst producing a one-of-a-kind experience, with a virtual host stage, exclusive content, interviews, and entertainment. The virtual element allowed the online guests to feel truly included.  The event also featured plenary sessions for business and supplier audiences filled with engaging presentations, dance parties and awards.

With time to dwell, individuals could explore and wander through a colourful installation that championed Countdown’s key pillars, goals and initiatives.

The Impact

This was an event that highlighted the best of the Uno Loco and Hula offering. From the event identity and design system, theming, content, technical production and overall project management, this was an opportunity we were proud to secure.

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