Who we are

Our story begins in 1996 as Madant – a crazy three-person startup. In 2015, we’d grown to become Uno Loco – a 12 person production company. Today, we’re the leading Brand Experience Agency in New Zealand with a team of 30 talented individuals. Our extraordinary expertise is the creative force behind your finest moments.

We are in the business of human emotion.

With an enviable reputation, built over 27 years, our work includes live, virtual & hybrid brand experiences and events in Aotearoa New Zealand, and internationally. We partner with our clients to create incredible moments of connection, capturing hearts and minds to shape the way our audience feels.

We are the ones behind the scenes.

We are the ones behind.
We’re behind the smiles.
We’re behind the laughter.
We’re behind the looks of amazement.
We’re behind the excited applause, the cheering.
We’re behind the bubbling, unsuppressed emotion.
We’re behind the music, lights and colours.
We’re behind the feelings, the tears of joy, the love fearlessly expressed.
We’re behind the flawless organization; people and pieces meeting seamlessly.
We’re behind your boldness in pulling this off.
Your courage in resisting the tyranny of ordinary and easy.
We’re behind the whole wildly incredible journey with you.
From a crazy, audacious idea to creating each precious part of the jigsaw.
We did this. Together.
Who are we?
We are Uno Loco.
We’re behind you.