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We deliver exceptional event experiences for all audiences in any context.

Uno Loco has built an enviable reputation over 25 years by delivering the most creative and effective large-scale LIVE, VIRTUAL and HYBRID events, media and experiential activations in New Zealand and around the world.

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Live events

Our clients know we guarantee results, so they keep coming back for more. We work with global brands that demand creative innovation, seamless delivery and a strong return for their investment. That's what we deliver every time.

Our work ranges from exclusive events for executive groups to stadium concerts for thousands and public occasions for tens of thousands. If it's in the Live Event space, we do it.


Awards and Conferences, Brand Activations and Launches, Trade Shows and Media Events, Announcements and Parties more.

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Virtual events

Virtual events allow us to reach more people than ever! And we bring them in with real-time, immersive interactivity. Your audience doesn’t want to watch a webinar, they want to be part of the show.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we curate perfect virtual experiences from complex themed conferences to simple livestreamed announcements. From massive government projects like the virtual hosting of APEC 2021, to simple enhanced 60-minute announcements, we can solve your virtual challenges and leave your audience wanting more.


Webcast and Broadcast, Podcast and Streaming, Pre-recorded and Awards, Conferences and Brand Activations, Launches and Trade Shows, Media Events, Announcements and more.

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Hybrid events

Hybrid events are another way your physical and virtual audiences can come together to connect, share and interact. We have a range of tools to ensure everyone feels united, whether sitting at home or watching from our hybrid studio.


Awards andConferences, Galas and VIP Experiences, Parties and Brand Activations, Launches and Trade Shows, Media Events and more.

Join our star-studded client list and let us transform your next event into a blockbuster.