End of Year Celebration

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Prior to the COVID era we now live in, Chorus would host up to 1000 staff at a location in Auckland for an end of year celebration, exec team presentations and awards. Guests would travel to Auckland from across NZ for a night of fun & entertainment.

Uno Loco were asked to come up with a broadcast solution that provided a similar experience for all guests across NZ - whether you were watching at home, in one of the 3 studios ( AK / WELL / CHCH ) or on your mobile device at your place of work.

This year was to be a little different as the event was also to mark the 10th anniversary of Chorus separating from Telecom to become an independent organisation. Quite the brief!

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The team at Uno came up with an agenda that included superb entertainment, high production value screen and content design from a central broadcast studio in Auckland, with two hybrid ‘studios’ located at the CHCH and WELL Chorus HQ’s to bring in Mc’s and presenters from these locations. We also had awards winners to recognise across the three locations!

Lead MC Jeremy Corbett and Che Fu & The Krates kicked off the multi media extravaganza while behind the scenes our broadcast and stage management team in each location worked together to create a seamless broadcast to 1000 people across NZ.

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The time spent during the pre production phase of the planning ensured that the blend of technology (including our very own satellite), entertainment, Chorus MC’s and exec team all ‘performed’ beautifully to create this successful and memorable event.

"Amazing result guys. Thank you! We are getting great feedback already and it truly was a seamless and successful event.

I mentioned it briefly as you were leaving Jared but the greatest compliment is knowing that the Exec felt reassured and comfortable that they were in safe hands. You orchestrated it perfectly and they were impressed by the incredible team as well." - Kelly Hawkins, Head of Internal Communications

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