Organic NZ | Organic NZ Awards 2021

Another event that was originally intended to be physical, Organic Aotearoa NZ came to Uno Loco looking for a solution to taking their awards show online.

We loved what Organics Aotearoa NZ were looking to achieve, so not only did we produce the awards broadcast, we also became a sponsor!

Our Hula team created the animated awards identity, produced all the awards motion graphics featuring sponsors, finalists and winners.  Integrated all pre recorded and live elements to compile a 60mins inspirational awards show.

It was humbling to hear the amazing stories from our award winners, what they are doing in the Organics sector, their passion for the industry, their people and our planet.

The final awards show was broadcast live over Vimeo direct to the Organic Week website, as well as live on their Facebook page.

A big thanks to AONZ for allowing UnoLoco and Hula to be part of this truly inspirational virtual event.

Broadcast Reel