Kea | World Class Awards 2017

Opportunity: The 2018 KEA World Class New Zealander Awards were a chance to step up our delivery of an event we had consistently raised the bar on three years so far. The client asked us to re-assess our approach to the evening, weaving in a greater element of storytelling and inspiration. They were looking for a fresh approach, that offered something new for those who had attended in previous years, and re-looked at some of the more expected elements like the opening media.

Solution: We switched the orientation of the selected venue to create a more inclusive seating arrangement, and made the guest pathways in the room more conducive to networking and chance meetings. Our opening moment was a spoken word, media and audio performance that was a re-telling of the New Zealand story specifically purposed for the KEA audience, and delivered by our MC – Miriama Kamo. In accompaniment we brought the metaphor of dawn inside the venue with a striking lighting approach, sweeping from the back of the room to the front as Miriama walked down the red carpet, ending in a spark waterfall pyrotechnic display.

Our graphic treatment for the evening was a bespoke animated visualisation of connection that linked the winners, KEA, the opening performance and the collateral of the evening into one seamless visual story.

Result: An incredibly successful evening! The almost universal feedback we received from our client was that the event was the best ever, and that we had helped them to step the KEA awards evening up to even greater heights in our fourth year as event producer.