In-N-Out | Brand Activation

Opportunity: For the second consecutive time Uno Loco has been the go to Events Company that In-N-Out Burger comes to when they are looking for a brand activation in the form of a ‘pop up’ restaurant to test the local market. Iconic US chain, IN-N-OUT has fans all over the world but is only located in the States.

Solution: Uno Loco was tasked with working with In-N-Out based in the US, to recreate a traditional guest experience of the US Food chain restaurant. Everything down to the detail of the size of tomato, slice of cheese, burger bun had to be bang on!! This project was TOP SECRET. One small add in a local newspaper was the only marketing required before word spread, tweets were tweeting and people were prepared to queue for over an hour to get their hands on a delicious burger. Working with the team at Pocket Bar and Kitchen, we transformed their kitchen and restaurant into the famous American Food chain.

Result: In-N-Out were thrilled with the results. The event was immediately embraced by the public and sold out. Intense organic media coverage ensured that guests had to be in quick to get a chance to purchase. Uno Loco are already looking forward to working with the team at In-N-Out to create another out of the blue pop up experience.

Images from NZ Herald.