Grace Victoria | Demolition Party

Opportunity: Our clients Grace Victoria, Little Projects and Location Group invited us to design and produce a ‘Demolition Party’ for their customers and developers of the Grace Victoria Quarter, a prestigious high end apartment development in the Auckland CBD.

Solution: What better way to create an unforgettable event and generate a buzz around the development than with our very own Wrecking Ball Party! Our solution was to ‘break ground with exquisite violence and intriguing beauty’ by working with our events and media teams to create a dramatic moment in the middle of the formal speeches. We engineered a very loud thud which interrupted the speaker and reverberated around the room, followed by a crack appearing in the back wall as a projected image. A virtual wrecking ball punch a large hole in the back wall, revealing the beautiful view of Auckland city that would be seen from the apartments. We also used a real gold-plated wrecking ball as an installation piece which the client is now using in their offices.

Result: This created a truly surprising moment in the midst of an exclusive evening. The whole event was a first for the apartment development industry, and guests were excited to meet other owners and connect face to face with the people who’d created their new homes. The key stakeholders were delighted by our idea to make attendees ‘feel’ the impact of the new development, as the wrecking ball ripped through the project wall. Our usual high level of detail to the production, atmosphere, theming and guest experience resulted in very happy clients!