#1 Phone Made Jam – Xero Roadshow 2018

4 December, 2018

A few years ago, when we were a smaller team, everyone knew what everyone else was working on. But these days Uno Loco has a lot of different teams working all over the country and around the Pacific. To stay connected we got into the habit of sharing photos and little video clips from certain gigs. Over time these little phone-filmed clips have become a fun part of our world and something we look forward to. Recently we decided it would be cool to share some of this content with our wider Uno Loco family. And #PhoneMadeJam was born. It’s about preserving the fruits of our labour and sharing that tasty, goodness with our friends and whanau.

This first episode is bought to you by Stacy and Sam. They have been travelling over 23,600kms to 16 locations around the country for the Xero Roadshow 2018. We caught up with them at the Cordis in Auckland, while they were prepping for another Xero session.