Why Did Uno Loco launch a design and content sister brand – HULA?

20 July, 2018

Many of you know by now that Uno Loco has recently launched HULA. HULA is a specialist B2B Design, Content and Communications agency headed up by General Manager Jared Ward.

Many of you are probably wondering “why does the world need another design agency”?
Here’s what we think. Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Most communications agencies don’t understand B2B
In conversation with our clients over the past year or so, it’s become really clear to us that there was a real gap in the market for a specialist business communications agency.

The people we work with want a partner that genuinely:
• understands their business;
• gets their language and messaging; and
• understands the intricacies of communications inside and between businesses.

A lot of the media work we’d been doing under the Uno Loco banner was being used as key pieces of content in culture change, internal comms, education or B2B comms programmes. And the demand for it kept growing. But despite that even some of our own clients were still seeing us as “events people”. Because that’s what Uno Loco (and before that, Madant) were famous for.

Our secret sauce combines Business expertise + strategy skills + design excellence
Because of the gap we’d identified, and the work we’d been asked to do Uno Loco’s continuously been building its business strategy, communications and design capability. Our senior team includes:

CEO Blair Glubb – one of NZ’s leading practitioners in B2B marketing, who also brings digital start-up and strategy expertise to Hula (and Uno Loco) from his time in Exec roles locally and offshore.

General Manager Jared Ward brings expertise gained in New York and London with Jack Morton to Hula ( book-ended by 9 years at Madant / Uno Loco).

And last year we added David Lyall to the team as Director of Strategy. David’s background includes 5 years with Designworks.


Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance that brings life, expressiveness and depth to the words of a message. That’s what the HULA team does best, too. The U and L in the middle are a nod to Uno Loco, our sister brand. Our design philosophy comes from the event and experience world. That means we bring energy and impact into our work in a way that changes audience perception.

We’re delighted to introduce Hula to the world. Come talk to us about how we can help you solve your B2B communications problems. And check out our launch video here.