TWISTIES – Flavours Crunch

15 October, 2019

Launch three new Twisties flavours
Reinforce brand drivers: Fun, Sociability, Multiple Flavours & Multiple Consumption Occasions


Music driven, animated, 30-second TVC

The decision to animate this project was driven by a desire to push the creative boundaries and to create a commercial that is totally unique in the PNG media-scape. Animation gave us the opportunity to create dramatically diverse worlds for each flavour. The combination of 6 vibrant and highly imaginative flavour worlds delivered a commercial that is visually spectacular.

Our concept centres on a character that is transported by a taste explosion every time he bites into a new Twisties flavoured chip. The flavour world uses the brand colours from the packaging in each scene to bring to life a new world that is loosely inspired by a specific natural environment, such as a tropical beach, underwater, tropical jungle and even the moon. The Twisties packaging is 3d rendered to hero the new packs – giving it a sense of depth and reality that helps it stand out from the 2d stylized world.

The character – we have called him “Ronnie” – represents everyday people of PNG. He is friendly, chillaxed, approachable and has a sense of curiosity. The design of Ronnie is organic and natural. The way Ronnie is illustrated is not overly tidy and uptight but relaxed and friendly.

Music and soundscape were critical elements for this concept. The music has an upbeat reggae vibe, supporting the brand themes of sociability and fun times. We also have unique sound effects to make the track a little bit quirky and totally unique to Twisties.

We are now planning is to extend “Ronnie” and his flavour worlds into other marketing spaces as people become more familiar with him.