IBM New Zealand Reinvents “COOL”

17 April, 2017

Last week we helped IBM with five days of activities heralding their arrival at Wynyard Quarter (Auckland’s Waterfront tech quadrant). At Uno Loco we love this move because IBM is now neighbours with a handful of our favourite clients including Fonterra, Bayleys, ASB and Auckland Transport (who are moving into the former Vodafone building).

The formal office opening was on Wednesday evening and WOW!! IBM did it with incredible style. Building openings can be… well… a bit “SO WHAT”, but IBM really nailed it. We felt they delivered three standout features:

  1. Great Storytelling about their future
  2. Aspirational People Power – both presenting and “guesting”
  3. Outstanding event fundamentals

1. Great Story Telling
Their story wasn’t inward looking; it was about people, place, possibilities and how IBM partners with all sorts of organisations to make the world a better place. It was totally outward looking and inclusive. Plus they used great people to help share their story… (See point two)

2. People Power
IBM nailed the ultimate guest list and filled the building with inspirational people. CEO’s mixed with entrepreneurs and inventors, Central & local government, local iwi and international guests. It was a super cool crowd with serious cred. And as for presenters… when the interim US ambassador is followed by Simon Gault, you know you’re delivering something for everyone.

3. Production Fundamentals and Cool Partnerships
The place looked fantastic! Large-scale signage communicated key messages while also giving the environments a sense of “big” occasion, and stunning flowers were used with fantastic effect. IBM partners complimented the look and feel as well, adding some exceptional interactive elements. F&B was drop-dead hip, feeling more like a private party in Herne Bay than a corporate occasion. And of course some special additions from Simon Gault added to the Wow factor.

Light, Sound and AV were all seamlessly perfect. And I’m guessing no one noticed it. Which is perfect, that’s exactly how it should be.

We think IBM nailed this event, and it was our pleasure to help them deliver it!