Fonterra International Management Forum

Producing Fonterra’s International Management Forum in China was a perfect fit for our team. We have an office in Shanghai and many years experience in the Chinese market. Our responsibilities included full technical production, video and presentation support, graphic design and collateral development, stage management, on site logistics, presenter support.










We live for the energy and spontaneity of a live audience. A great event transports people and will influence them more dramatically than any other medium. But you only get one shot. That’s why clients come to us. If it’s sensitive, business-critical or reputation defining, we are the team. Having grown from a performing arts background, Uno Loco is all about creativity, but these days we’re also the safest hands in town. The corporate sector is our natural home but we’re also popular with governments, royalty and VIPs. We are the total solution for all events; corporate, civic or state.

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In today’s digital landscape one on one human experiences have never been more valuable. Experiential marketing is now considered the most powerful consumer engagement strategy by marketers globally. A key success measure for experiential marketing is platform reach. We are the experts for multi platform delivery. We create exceptional live experiences and our media team can then extend the experience into any digital or social realm. We believe that the capture and sharing of the experience must be a central component of the core idea. Uno Loco has the experience, tools and creative to connect with consumers in any space.
We’re in the business of transporting audiences with brilliant stories, beautifully told. Corporate, Customer or Consumer we do it all. Our corporate team has twenty years experience, producing business messaging and corporate content for some of Australasia’s largest organisations. We are all about business, with a team of specialists setting the bar for corporate and government video. Our consumer-facing team honed their skills creating international campaigns, documentaries and TV shows for massive global brands. We deliver any format to any platform. Uno Loco is a full service production house, delivering total solutions across strategy, creative and production.

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We’ve been creating brand-infused experiences for 20 years, so it’s a natural evolution to bring this knowledge and expertise into the world of incentive, recognition and reward. We are in the business of creating peak experiences for business purposes, designed to target and motivate each specific group and tier in your programme whatever the flavour. From the Grand Canyon in an F16 fighter jet, to a 5 star sensory overload here in NZ, we deliver experiences that are truly jaw dropping. If you need to inspire sales people, reward top customers, or deepen your relationships with your channel partners… lets talk.

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